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Salt Lake Makes List of the Top 10 Best Markets

Real estate investors are finding opportunity in depressed home prices, sluggish sales and expanding pool of renters.  Inman News examined housing, demographic and economic data for hundreds of metropolitan areas nationwide in developing a list of 10 markets that may be best suited for house-hunting investors.

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Mutual Funds, Individial Stocks or Real Estate?


For Retirement, Should You Invest in Mutual Funds and Individual  Stocks or Real Estate?
By Kenneth T. Holman

Real Estate Should Be Part of your Retirement Program

By Ken Holman

Long-term cost of TARP lower than forecasted

By Ken Holman

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Treasury Department now estimates the long-term cost of the TARP, Troubled Asset Relief Program, will be $200 billion lower than initially forecast. Over the next 10 years, TARP will cost $141 billion at most, down from $341 billion the White House projected in August, the Wall Street Journal reports. Reduction is attributable to faster-than-expected repayments by some banks and less government spending on the financial sector which has improved this year.

U.S. Commercial Property Sales Reach Record Lows

Following is a summary of an article entitled “Commercial Property Deal Drought Worst in 18 Years” written by David M. Levitt for

Lenders are Reining in Short Sales Aimed at Helping Troubled Borrowers

Following is a summary of an article entitled “Short Sales: A Fraying Lifeline for Homeowners” by Christopher Palmeri for BusinessWeek.

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