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Jenny Wilson and Mitt Romney: Meet two candidates vying to replace outgoing Utah Sen. Hatch

Democrat Jenny Wilson and Republican Mitt Romney are seeking to replace retiring seven-term GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch. Constitution Party candidate Tim Aalders, Libertarian Craig R. Bowden and Independent American Reed C. McCandless are also on the ballot.

Before you cast your vote on Nov. 6, read the Deseret News profiles of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jenny Wilson and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson: Local leader hopes to bring bipartisanship to D.C.

Where she stands:

Immigration: Comprehensive, compassionate and family-centered reform, a path to citizenship for DACA "Dreamers."

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid: There are ways to reform and save money but not on the backs of seniors and poor people.

Health care: Reform the Affordable Care Act but continue to cover pre-existing conditions and children up to age 26 on their parents' insurance.

National security: Challenge now is to balance defense spending and diplomacy. Diplomacy is missing with President Donald Trump.

Tariffs: Congress far too willing to let president have his way on "reckless" policy that is hurting workers and agriculture.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: A familiar name hopes to serve Utah, country

Where he stands:

Immigration: Tighter border security, e-verify for employers and legal status for DACA "Dreamers" and that they "get in line" if they want citizenship.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid: Must preserve the programs for people in their late 50s and older but should consider raising the retirement age one or two years for younger people.

Health care: Republicans and Democrats must come together to ensure all American have access to health care and good health insurance and can't be denied for pre-existing conditions.

National security: China and Russia pose the greatest longterm threat. Need to maintain strong defense to ensure U.S. stays ahead.

Tariffs: Opposes long-term, high tariffs but they can be used as negotiating tool to work out more fair deals.