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Snapchat is adding a music feature like TikTok’s. Here’s what we know

This Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017, photo shows the Snapchat app on a mobile device in New York. This Aug. 9, 2017, photo shows the Snapchat app on a mobile device in New York. Snapchat is adding a music feature similar to TikTok’s, the company announced on Monday. | Richard Drew, AP

Snapchat has made deals with Warner Music Group, NMPA, Universal Music Group and others to allow their music in Snaps

Snapchat launched a new feature for their users in Australia and New Zealand on Monday that allows them to add music directly to their Snaps, a key feature that TikTok is known for.

Snapchat has acquired licensing deals with companies such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Merlin, Warner Chappell and NMPA, giving users a wide selection of music choices, according to Variety.

“We’re always looking for new ways to give Snapchatters creative tools to express themselves,” a spokesperson for Snapchat said in a statement according to Forbes. “Music is a new dimension they can add to their Snaps, that helps capture feelings and moments they want to share with their real friends.”

Users will be able to add music to their videos, before or after capturing, and then share with their friends. When users receive or see a snap they will be able to swipe up and view information regarding the song and be able to listen to it on their streaming platform of choice.

The CEO of NMPA, David Israelite, commented on the deal with Snapchat, saying it “will bring an important new revenue stream to publishers and songwriters and improve the overall quality of the app for users,” per Variety. “Snap is doing it the right way — licensing the music it needs before launching to the public.”

This comes shortly after President Donald Trump had announced he wants to ban TikTok from the U.S., and as Facebook rolls out its so-called “copycat” version of TikTok, Instagram Reels.

Although Snapchat is allowing users to embed popular music to their videos they are also missing out on two essential features that TikTok offers.

Unlike TikTok, Snapchat doesn’t have a feed of videos users can watch nor a way to view videos that use the same sound. Snapchat emphasizes that “it’s designed for sharing music with your ‘real friends,’” according to The Verge.

The feature is currently being tested and Snapchat is hoping to launch to English users this fall.