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Attend the World’s BiggestRobotics Event ─Robotex International

The world’s biggest annual robotics event Robotics Competition 2018 is a hub of knowledge and innovation where thousands of engineers, executives, families and students come under one roof to get inspired by the biggest industry leaders.Here attendees can discover new start-ups, build robots to take part in various challenges and also learn about the latest technology. So, get ready because this awesome robotics festivalis going to be hosted in Tallinn, Estonia in November of 2018 for the 18th time in a row. The festival will include spectacular competitions, buzzing Expo hall,hands-on workshops and also the biggest frontier tech conference in the Nordic countries!

The Robotics Conference 2018 brings together technical executives, architects and advocates that are involved in developing and implementing new solutions in AI and robotics and are looking to invest in a new generation of tech engineers and data scientists. The conference is going to be held on November 29 – December 01, in the space of Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) in the Tallinn city centre.

The Machine Learning Conference 2018 is going to focus on robotics, machine intelligence, AI and automation, as well as education and entrepreneurship,in both the public and private sectors.Meanwhile, the aim of the conference is to also leave you with one more key idea - ayone, regardless of their age, is capable of shaping the future. To demonstrate this, some of the speakers at the conference will be much younger than the average keynote.

You definitely do not wantto miss this epic frontier tech gathering, so head over to the Robotex International website toget your conference pass at an awesome price. The conference pass will also grant you access to the opening gala, as well as three-day access to the Robotex International expo and competitions held at the Estonian Fair Centre November 30 – December 02.

The Robotex International expo and competitions are going to feature robotics competitions for all skill-levels, as well as entrepreneurial challenges for startups. The event also includes hands-on workshops on robotics and coding for kids and families. The expo is the perfect place to discover some of the newest innovations in robotics, manufacturing and automation as several companies will be showcasing their products and services. So don’t miss the opportunity to experience the world’s biggest robotics festival and become a part of the international robotics and education community.

For more information on the festival, including venues, accommodation possibilities, transportation and more, visit the Robotex International 2018 website: