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Quit the Relentless Habit of Smoking with Quit Genius’ Help

Quitting what you are deeply addicted to i.e. smoking is like breaking an addiction cycle along with rewiring the brain essentially from its nicotine craving. There are countless reasons and benefits of quitting smoking and staying smoke-free. Reasons like your appearance, your finance and above all your health impacting all those who are around asking you to quit. Quitting smoke is in your own because as soon as you will quit, your body will start to repair itself. And the sooner you quit as a smoker, the faster you will reduce the risks of cancer, lung or heart diseases along with several other conditions that are related to smoking. If you are also looking forward to break the cycle of what you are habitual to, then Quit Genius a smoking quitting app can help you because the app uses therapies and techniques that are scientifically proven for helping them in quitting the smoking for their own good.

Quit Genius includes customized therapy content and is free to download, available at iPhone AppStore and Google Play store. Apart from the therapies, the app also provides a vibrant community and craving tools for helping all those who are aspiring to quit the smoking and stay smoke-free for their own good. You can also personalize your schedule of quitting this habit all you have to do is set a date with the app. Quit Genius will recommend a quit date which will give you enough time of within one or two week so that you can get the appropriate time for being prepared.

On Quit Genius you will get a therapy what will actually work. This quit smoking app creates personalized plan for quitting helping you in taking a leap so that you can be away from smoking. The personalized program designed by Quit Genius is brought to you by the world-class experts along with being testes with the real smokers. The experts from Quit Genius understands quitting smoking is no lesser than going on a long painful journey which is why they are with you on each and every step.

The program offered by Quit Genius is the best way to quit smoking and it is divided into the bite-sized steps taking 5 minutes in a day for being completed, in that way it can be easily integrated into any kind of schedule.

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