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Animal Services leaves old home for new animal sanctuary

(West Valley Journal) Just 11 months after ground breaking, the new Animal Services building, 4400 West 3500 South, is open and caring for animals.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Sept. 14 with Mayor Dennis Nordfelt and Taylorsville City Mayor Russ Wall at the forefront to solidify the partnership of Taylorsville City, which contracts its animal services to West Valley City.

“Finally, we have something that is long overdue,” Nordfelt said. “We needed this years and years ago but we weren’t able to put the animal shelter on top of the priority list until a couple years ago, and seeing it completed is very gratifying.”

Taylorsville City contributed $1.4 million of the total $3.9 million Animal Services building, which was funded with municipal bonds. Another $1.6 million was funded for the adjacent Community Preservation Headquarters.

Nordfelt said the partnership with Taylorsville City has been a very positive one and wishes he had been the brainchild before Wall, who came up with the idea. It took some time but all the legalities and requirements to provide animal services have been ironed out.

Kelly Davis, operations director, said close to 500 animals come into the shelter each month; approximately 100 animals come from Taylorsville City. The new facility better supports those additional animals with more than triple the capacity of the previous animal shelter and Davis said there is even room for expansion.

“The staff at the animal shelter is extremely excited, not only for us but for the animals, to move into this building,” Davis said. “The environment will be much more inviting and we’re confident that the facility will be a positive place for residents to visit and when they see the healthy and happy animals, the chances that they will adopt an animal and save a life will be much higher.”

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