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Cache Valley realtor restores Smithfield train station

(Herald Journal) As Jed Willets perused the newspaper classifieds in the spring of 1999 he came across an ad for an old train station. It said anyone could have it for $100 — as long as the buyer moved the structure.

It piqued Willets’ interest, so he drove by the Smithfield address to see the building. It was the old Smithfield train station — used most heavily about a century ago — and the owner was looking to get rid of the building.

But despite his interest, Willets, a real estate agent in Cache Valley, didn’t really have a good reason to buy the old station.

“Ever since I first saw it, I thought it would be cool,” he said. “But it was one of those things where I always said, ‘It’d be cool if someone did something with it.’”

Now, 10 years later, Willets is that someone.

After watching the historic train station for about eight years — repeatedly driving past to be assured it hadn’t gone anywhere — he decided to take ownership in 2007. An acquaintance let him store it on his property until last December, when Willets had the structure moved to 775 S. Main St. in Logan.

Nearly a year later, construction crews are working quickly to finish restoring the station in order for Willets to use it as a new office for his company, Cache Heritage Realty.

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