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Council tweaks budget to accomodate new projects

(Draper Journal) The Draper City Council made a few changes to the city’s 2009-2010 budget Aug. 11, most notably changing to in-house IT services, authorizing a new parking lot at Honeybee Park, and using money from the general fund to start city-run garbage collection.

The council allocated about $112,000 for wages and benefits to hire a city IT manager. The IT manager’s salary and benefits will cost approximately the same amount as the city currently pays to an IT consulting service.

The parking lot at Honeybee Park will cost about $50,000. Honeybee Park is a small park in the Cranberry Hills neighborhood that is heavily used, especially by youth sports teams. The new parking lot was suggested by the city’s recreation manager, Rhett Ogden, partially in response to complaints from neighbors near the park.

The council renewed the city’s garbage and recycling collection contract with Waste Management until the end of the year. In the meantime, city officials will spend about $700,000 to lease garbage trucks, expand a service bay at the city’s Public Works building, and buy new garbage and recycling containers for Draper residents. Officials expect to save money in the long run by using city employees and equipment to collect garbage and recycling instead of paying Waste Management to do the job.

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