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Department renovation puts facilities division a cut above the rest

(West Valley Journal) Working amidst a three-month renovation, employees from the community and economic department dusted off their desk and rolled out contractor’s plans in any space available. Now that it’s complete, employees are now basking in its functionality and customer-friendly design. The facilities division’s ability to complete the tough remodel earned it the Quarterly Division Award.

“They accomplished a technically difficult project, building offices for most of our staff and reconfigured the public space, copy room and kitchen in a relatively short time,” said Frank Lily, staff member of the planning commission. “We were a difficult client and they handled us well.”

Facilities Manager Jake Arslanian headed up the renovation. He said the configuration was intended to allow the community and economic department to be more productive and create a more usable space for both the employee and public.

The public is now met with a counter with the various department administration assistants so that questions can get prompt answers. Office spaces were also strategically positioned to gather employees within each division.

“Before, they were all over the place and the new configuration allows for greater teamwork and higher productivity,” Arslanian said.

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