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Good landlord program may not be good in Holladay

(Cottonwood/Holladay Journal) Do bad landlords make bad renters? It is a theory several cities have chosen to back, but Holladay City may be the exception.

Statistically speaking, renters have a much higher rate of using city services, such as police and fire, than owners; as high as 40 percent more in larger cities. In an effort to offset those costs, cities have started charging a per unit license fee as part of a “good landlord” program. Holladay city officials weighed the pros and cons of the program at the Nov. 12 council work meeting, but made no decision about implementing one.

Ogden, South Salt Lake, West Valley City and Provo currently have “good landlord” programs, but also have extensive rental units within their jurisdiction.

“This is a major program, said City Manager Randy Fitts. “It takes a lot of time, effort, money and enforcement to initiate this type of a program.”

The good landlord program offers incentives to landlords to rent to quality individuals. Incentives include a discount of license fees for owners who agree to run credit and criminal background checks on applicants and agree to begin eviction proceedings when tenants cause a criminal disturbance.

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