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Holladay city officials adopt a new commercial zone

(Cottonwood/Holladay Journal) Change the zoning and they will come; at least that is the hope of Holladay’s city officials.

The city’s planning department has recommended name changes to current commercial zoning, changing the C-1 and C-2 categories to “general commercial” (GC), “boulevard commercial” (BC) and “neighborhood commercial” (NC). While all zoning ordinances have not passed the council’s approval, the NC zone was approved at the Sept. 17 city council meeting.

“We wanted to get rid of the old, archaic standards, build in quality standards, and rename the zones to make it user friendly,” said Commercial Development Director Paul Allred at the initial public hearing on Aug. 6. “We are really bringing in quality standards by borrowing them from the Village Center.”

An application from Gabriella McAfee, the owner of Café Madrid, spurred the planning department to take a look at the current commercial zoning. McAfee, whose current lease expires in Sept. 2010, wants to move the restaurant’s location, from the Black Diamond property on 3900 South to the site of the previous Pancho Villa restaurant on the corner of Spring Lane and Highland Drive. The desired space was zoned for residential.

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