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Hurry up and wait for new Holladay fire station

(Cottonwood/Holladay Journal) The urgency involved in a firefighter's call of duty has not translated to the rebuilding of the Holladay fire station. The federal decision to allot $3 million of stimulus funds to Holladay City to rebuild the dilapidated fire house was supposed to be awarded at the beginning of the year and is now delayed.

"We heard that we are still in the running to receive this grant, but it has been put off until March," said Holladay City Manager Randy Fitts.

Fitts was initially discouraged by the process and thought the city's chance at the money was "a long shot."As it turns out, the city's unsafe station and all of its disrepair has given some hope to city officials.

"We have some positive negatives on our side," said Fitts. "The age, the seismic conditions of the building, the location on an old landfill…there are some really bad things about the station which may give us an edge."

The building is in such disrepair, the firefighters do not sleep inside. Instead, they are housed inside portable trailers situated behind the station with the building only housing fire fighting equipment.

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