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One resident fights to keep new rec center under old name

(Millcreek Journal) -- East Mill Creek resident Ron Johnson is worried his community is disappearing. As a founding member of the East Mill Creek Community Council (started in 1990) and a long-time, second-generation member of the East Mill Creek Lions Club, Johnson has watched the community he was raised in change over the years. Some of those changes have been good, but for Johnson, some have been bad.

“Back in the 1940s, East Mill Creek went from Parley’s Gully to about 4500 South and from Highland all the way to the mountains,” Johnson said. “It was a huge area. But as time went on, communities developed that wanted their own identity. That’s how we got Canyon Rim and then Mount Olympus. Then when Holladay City was created, they annexed a third of the original East Mill Creek into their city.”

Johnson is worried that East Mill Creek is shrinking and as it shrinks, is losing its identity. His current concern is the East Millcreek Recreation Center, which is scheduled to be demolished and rebuilt over the next two years. Though no name has officially been given to the new recreation center, Salt Lake County officials have been referring to it as the Millcreek Community Center. For Johnson, the name change is further proof that East Mill Creek is fading away.

“Part of the problem now is the library and recreation center show Millcreek [in the name East Millcreek Recreation Center] as one word and that’s wrong,” Johnson said. “Partly what I’m trying to do is get that correction made. Because they’ve had it on the buildings wrong for so long, that’s another reason they owe it to East Mill Creek to have the correct identity on there.”

The East Millcreek Recreation Center was built in the early 1950s after fundraising efforts by the East Mill Creek Lions Club brought an additional $10,000 to Salt Lake County’s $30,000. This, to Johnson, is further justification that the new center should bear the same name as the current one.

Plans for the new community center are still in the early stages and the official name will not be announced for more than a year. When the decision is made, it will be made by the Salt Lake County Council. Original Article