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Planning commissioner apologizes for Holladay Village decision

HOLLADAY (Deseret News) — Two former planning commissioners are waging war against Holladay Village Center, saying the planned retail center and apartment complex are contrary to the will of the people.

Helen Redd and Bob Neslen were on the city board when the project was in its infancy and say current plans for three-story buildings are inconsistent with their vision. They also question the amount of parking that will be provided and the mix of just one story of shops and two stories of apartments.

Plans for Holladay Village have been under way since May 2000.

"This project does not meet the expectation of the (residents) as expressed then, and it does not meet the master plan now," Redd said. "I don't understand how this happened."

Holladay Village is being built on land that was purchased by the city but sold at a loss to developer Cowboy Partners. Roads throughout the project area at the intersection of Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay Boulevard and 2300 East already have been torn up and rebuilt to accommodate the center.

The appellants had a chance to explain their views Thursday to the Holladay City Council. Following allegations that the Planning Commission hadn't done its job, board Chairman Richard Kimball took the stand.

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