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Plans unveiled for Holladay Village

HOLLADAY (Deseret News) — Early plans for the commercial component of a village-center development were discussed publicly Thursday by developer Cowboy Partners.

The plaza at the corner of Murray-Holladay Road, 2300 East and Holladay Boulevard, will be supplemented by one large building that will be made to look like several, according to Cowboy Partner's Dan Lofgren.

The three-story building will incorporate sections of yellow, orange and red.

"We've sort of amped up the happy factor," Lofgren told the City Council and Planning Commission.

The first floor of the planned structure will be dedicated to retail. The second and third floors will be for rental apartments and will be set back from the street about 10 feet, according to the Thursday proposal.

Lofgren also proposes a 62-foot clock tower on the plaza, though such a height would violate current zoning ordinances. The roof of the buildings would reach 48 feet.

The village center already includes a bread store, an ice-cream shop and a recently relocated pastry shop. The project has been in the works for five years, according to Holladay Mayor Dennis Webb.

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