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Smithfield's city building faces delays

SMITHFIELD (Herald Journal) — A Salt Lake City contractor’s shoddy work has resulted in an at least three-month delay in the completion of Smithfield’s new city building.

Construction of the $1.8 million, 15,000-square foot building on 98 Main St., which started in July, was supposed to be done the first week of January.

However, in late December Smithfield officials discovered that critical vapor barriers had not been installed between layers of masonry, and the majority of the building’s structural members were not attached securely, among other problems, said City Manager Jim Gass.

“Workmanship was not up to what it should be,” he said.

The bad work resulted in Onyx firing the project supervisor, said new supervisor Ken Stuart.

Stuart said his team is still fixing mistakes, including redoing welds that weren’t inspected properly the first time around.

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