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Styrofoam homes built in a flash

DRAPER (Deseret News) — When Ryan Christensen was in the U.S. Navy, he saw thousands of Indonesians living in homes made of cardboard and tin. When he got home he decided to do something about it.

Christensen and his co-founder of Tote International, Jim Haslem, are shipping thousands of homes to Third World countries in hopes of giving quality, affordable housing. Together with Haslem's son, Nick Haslem, they developed a 361-square-foot house made entirely out of metal and petroleum-based Styrofoam that can be built in under an hour, costs $12,000 — and can withstand up to a magnitude 8 earthquake, a category 5 hurricane or a 10-foot snow load.

"It's a tough little box," Nick Haslem said, pointing to the house he and two co-workers had almost erected in only an hour. The three of them jumped up and down on top of the foam roof to prove its durability. The sturdy little house, thanks to its foam walls, is also almost completely soundproof and can be adequately heated with a single pilot light.

Tote International was founded nine

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