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Supporters rally to save Gepetto's in Holladay

(Salt Lake Tribune) For Debra Lund, Gepetto's is a lot more than a pizzeria.

She's devoted a lot of time recently to ensure her favorite restaurant doesn't close as it nears its 40th year in business while facing falling revenues, blamed largely on continuing road construction outside the business.

Lund was 10 when the eatery opened in 1970. Although her conservative father decreed it a "hippie hangout," he loved the pizza.

At 16, Lund's first date took her to Gepetto's before an America concert. Later, in high school and college, she hung with her friends at the restaurant listening to live music.

Even today, decades later, Lund still regularly meets her girlfriends at the Holladay landmark for its garlic cheese bread and a pie.

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