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Transitional housing facility finds a home

(Tooele Transcript Bulletin) Tooele County’s first-ever transitional housing facility is close to becoming a reality.

The county is purchasing former Tooele City Councilman John Hansen’s home on Vine Street to house the new facility, according to Karen Kuipers, Tooele County Relief Services coordinator.

“It’s just exciting because every single day we have people come in looking for help and we don’t have the resources,” Kuipers said. “And no, this isn’t going to solve anywhere near all the problems that we see on a daily basis, but it’s going to give us some options for some people.”

The acquisition of the property was funded by $320,720 in Community Development Block Grants dispersed by the state Division of Housing and Community Development. CDBG funding was originally $200,000, but Kuipers said county officials were able to make a request for additional monies through an emergency application.

“All of that was used for the purchase of the building,” she said. “We are still carrying a $147,000 mortgage on the building, but we have several grants out there we’re hoping will come through so we’re able to take care of the balance of the building and look at renovation and expansion.”

Kuipers said the property includes a home and four apartments — three one-bedroom units and one two-bedroom unit. The home, a breezeway and all four apartments total 6,797 square feet, in addition to a shop that is 1,440 square feet. The home includes five bedrooms, a full kitchen, full living areas, and additional areas downstairs for two bedrooms Kuipers is considering converting into a separate apartment.

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