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Village Center plans continue to divide residents

(Cottonwood/Hollady Journal) Development on the Village Center property in Holladay has been characterized by many residents as one step forward and two steps back. From the first master plan adopted in the fall of 2000 to the current appeal that has halted construction on the proposed three-story European village project, the process could certainly not be called expeditious.

Former planning commissioners and appellants Helen Redd and Bob Neslen sent a letter to Holladay residents describing the concerns about the "overdevelopment" of the Cowboy Partners proposal for the Village Center land and asked for residents to voice their opinions to their council members. Redd said she received overwhelming support for the appeal in the wake of the letter mailing.

The appeal, which lists too many apartments, too few retail and too few parking stalls as the crux of the opposition, was slated for a council vote on March 4, but Mayor Dennis Webb announced they would be tabling the decision and forming an independent advisory committee to review the concerns of the appellants.

Redd endorsed the mayor's action.

"It was the best possible outcome," Redd said. "I understand that these are difficult times for the city and your action here tonight requires political courage."

Later in a work meeting, Webb said he would not reopen the project, but simply wants to address each of the concerns in the appeal.

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